In the final episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ there are two shots in a pivotal scene that are perfect examples of how to use camera movement to amplify the narrative and surprise the audience. With one simple pan and one simple dolly there is a set-up and shortly after, a dramatic pay-off. The scene at first appears to be just conveying information to the viewer. Then, with one pan and one dolly move the scene is flipped on its head and is seen in a whole new light. This could only happen through writing, direction, set design and camera movement working in unison. A Steadicam or crane shot through a window could never have achieved the emotional impact of a simple pan and dolly. —Vashi Nedomansky, ‘Breaking Bad’ – Motivated Camera Movement

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Everyone say hi!

if anyone was wondering what the deal with the dog named applesauce was, a fan literally asked bryan fuller if one of the dogs could have that name and he said yes but WE JUST FOUND OUT HE ADDED A SPECIAL DOG AND A LINE IN THE SCRIPT


how cute is that 




also I made a thing with it here


#I like the idea of Sam going#No we’re not going to have this discussion again#Oh my god no#STOP EATING THINGS YOU FIND UNDER THAT BENCH#That’s all that’s all you need to do#Now where’s Steve?#No#Steve#Big guy. Blonde. Dresses like a flag threw up on him#THE GUY I HAD YOU LOOKING FOR YESTERDAY


I’m picturing Steve leaving his apartment for a cup of coffee and coming back to find all his locks changed while Tony giggles from behind the door of the apartment next door.


"Hey, stop crying. I’ll take care of you, Stevie. Always."

Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky. I don’t think I could’ve done it without him.


Watching Hannibal is like watching everyone in the show drive their own car that’s going 10 mph, so they have plenty of time to avoid collision and turn away, but instead they all end up running into each other and it’s a huge pile up and no one knows who to blame for this huge car crash and Hannibal is sitting on the sidewalk in a lawn chair drinking red wine and smirking to himself.

me after watching the winter soldier: I'M GOING TO SHIP EVERYTHING AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME



My view points of Cap 2 movie.

wait did you just draw screenshots of the movie i’m confused this is all i saw



look im not saying that kissing bucky would have restored all his memories im just saying steve could have at least tried 

you had one job steve

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